Biography (English)


GRANDE-DUCHESSE is poetry from the piano by singer/songwriter/chansonnier Frans van Hilten (1974).

A firm no to hats, beards and tormented bawling.

Certainly yes to classical piano, chanson, jazz, club beats and metal riffs.

Imagine: smokey hotel lobby’s, pretty girls in the bathtub, umbrellas blown inside out, melancholy for youth lost.

In this universe, where Schubert jams with Charles Trenet and Björk dances with the Doors, Frans van Hilten sings his songs by the piano. In Dutch and English, but sometimes in French or Russian as well. Since the start of his solo career back in 2003, be recorded a colorful discography. Frans likes to work with other musicians, in recent years mostly with percussionist Rob van Berlo. He also likes to include other forms of art like dance, film and poetry. Grande-Duchesse plays – the piano and on your emotions.

Grande-Duchesse live in De Nieuwe Regentes, 2014
Grande-Duchesse live at theatre De Nieuwe Regentes, The Hague, 2014

That name…

Grande-Duchesse: as a female, French title of nobility it was supposed to indicate a certain subtlety and sensitivity after the heavy rock bands I used to play in before. Besides, there’s another version – rumor has it that I hope to lure people who expect to hear a beautiful lady singing in an outrageous gala dress.