De Grote Pyr, Den Haag

An Evening with Grande-Duchesse and Danstheater Clearflow (later: Flow Performing Arts)


  1. Bach – Praelude voor luit, C min., BWV 999
  2. Medley: Girls in Moonboots / Narcissus Strikes / Citadel / De Loper / Five To One (The Doors cover) / Girls in Moonboots
  3. Never Seen The Jungle
  4. De Zomer van 1910 (Sonneveld)
  5. Framed Obsession (with Flow Performing Arts, choreografie Florence Rapati) (première)
  6. The Smile of an Orange
  7. Poëzie van Rob Prins
  8. Boj no more
  9. A Little Laughter
  10. Dans: Flow Performing Arts ‘Clearflow’
  11. Quit That Man
  12. Share It
  13. Poëzie van Rob Prins
  14. Minimal Blues (première)/Throwing me off of my guard
  15. Rainy Days
  16. Dans: Three that lost Utopia (Flow Performing Arts, choreografie Zaddik Francis) (première)
Florence Rapati en Thami Fischer in Framed Obsession (foto Eveline van Egdom)
Florence Rapati en Thami Fischer in Framed Obsession – foto Eveline van Egdom


Groepsbuiging Grote Pyr
Take a bow – Rob Prins, Zaddik Francis, Frans van Hilten, Andres (?), Florence Rapati, Thami Fischer


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